5 Things You Must Have In Your Backpack/Purse

Most of us carry our backpack or purse wherever we go and this is because there are some things we need to carry with us at all times. Apart from our wallets and purses, there are many other things that we can pack up with us to better prepare for life.

Extra Cash
We never know what might happen when we’re out on the road. We might lose our wallet, the card machines won’t work or we might even forget our wallets at home. Because of this, it is important to keep a few extra dollars in your bag for that emergency situation. Make sure you keep it in a safe place and try not to use it unless it’s an emergency. Make sure that you always have some extra money with you.

Phone accessories
We have our hones with us at all times and we usually never part with it. However, there are many accessories needed when using a phone from headphones to ravpower charger. Make it a point to carry these accessories with you in your bag because you will be needing them at one point or the other. These are small things but can have a big impact.

Sanitary products
This is something most people don’t pay attention to but it’s absolutely necessary if you want to stay clean. The outside world is full of germs and if you need to stay protected you must have a few sanitary items in your bag. Starting from wet tissues to a bottle of hand sanitiser, these things aren’t very heavy so they aren’t hard to carry with you.

A snack
This is not an absolute necessity but having a small snack with you in your backpack. A small protein bar or a packet of biscuits won’t be too heavy but when you need that extra energy boost you are prepared.

Things you use every day
Depending on your lifestyle there are some things that we should have with us at all times. Since this changes from person to person, it is important to sit down and make a list. This list might include things like books, keys, an extra ravpower power bank and so on. Once you have made this list stock up your bag and make sure you replace it if you take anything out of it. For more information, please click here.