5 Tips To Throwing A Party

Planning to throw a party but can’t seem to decide where to start from? Then this is your ultimate guide with a step by step approach.

Setting the date & time Before deciding on a date for your event be it an engagement party, a baby shower or merely a get together with a bunch of friends it is wise to check the local calendar for any special events or sports taking place. You will want to avoid dates that are obviously going to leave you guestless like the days when carnivals are being held or final world cup matches. It is important to decide the date of your event at least three months ahead which will give you ample time to prepare well for the party.


Setting the venue for your party doesn’t have to always be in huge hall or hotel you can even host your party at home or a friend’s place if they are willing. When setting the venue you will have to keep in mind how many guests you are planning on inviting to avoid packing up your guests like a sardine. The venue should also be easily accessible to a majority of your guests because then you will have a better attendance. As the saying goes the more the merrier.

You should also chose a venue that your guests will be comfortable with. For instance, if you’re holding an engagement party at your back yard make sure to mention it on your engagement party invitations and make sure all the necessary arrangements are made if you have a huge number of kids attending your party you could get a kids corner organized with games and sorts, to help the parents also enjoy the party.

Deciding on the guest list

Deciding on the guest list can be quite tacky. Decide who you need there the most and make sure to check on your budget and see how many mouths you can fill. First decide your number of guests and then decide the guest list and not vice versa which would make you invite more than you could afford. Also a rule of the thumb is that 25% of guests won’t attend. If it’s a frat party and any other friends’ get together you could actually rule out 50% as non-attendees. So if you are planning on 500 guests you can invite an additional 125 guests. For a small party with only close acquaintances and family though you could expect a 90% attendance rate. After all you know your guests best so you could assume the attendance percentage and adjust your invites accordingly.

Sending out the invites

Modern day has seen a decline in postal invites being sent out for informal parties it is more likely that country wedding invitations or other official parties send out postal invites. More informal and modern parties opt to social media invites, email invites or since very recently messenger app invites. Some even host a website and put an invitation on the site and send the links via email to their guests. These are actually very convenient to both parties. Make sure to mention RSVP if you are planning on getting a final headcount for food catering and etc. send out the invites at least two weeks prior to the event so that your guests will be able to save up the date.If you are hosting an informal party make sure to mention if your guests are allowed to bring uninvited guests and limit the number. Because you don’t want to run out of food which would actually be quite a shame.

Hosting the party

The key to a successful party: DELEGATE! Delegate your tasks among your closest of friends and family. Don’t try to look into everything. Give yourself a break. Let someone you trust take over. This way your friends and family will actually feel more involved and important. Most will actually love helping you out. Try to greet your all guests as soon as they enter and introduce them to at least one other person, this would make them feel welcomed.Know your guests beforehand and try to organize the food and entertainment to their and your liking as much as possible. For instance if you’re inviting a pure vegan include something filling for them too on the menu. Don’t have all non veg meals only. These tips to hosting a party are very useful and come in handy to those with no or minimal knowledge of hosting a party. Make sure to read through carefully to bash a successful party!