Creative Ways Of Holding Onto Guest Memories And Advice On Your Wedding Day

Your wedding day is something that you share not only with your partner, but also with your family, friends and other guests. They hold onto these wonderful memories as much as you do. Letting them know you appreciate their participation for sharing this day with you, is one of the best things you could do for them on this day. Creating different means of letting them share their thoughts as well is another way to make this day more interactive. You may not have the time to personally meet and greet all guests, so try out a few of these ideas, to let your guests pen down and capture their thoughts and wishes;

Antique atlas book

An antique atlas book is a truly out of the wedding guest book idea. Let each guest pen down their words on different locations and countries they may be travelling from or places they recommend to visit. You could set up a station with a little side note that lets them know how and what they should consider when selecting a place.

Advice mats

Place little DIY advice mats on the table cloth, in front of a particular seat or hand them out in a welcome basket pre-set at the entrance. Design these little advice mats in a layout that has a couple spaces for the guests to pen down what they think the married couple should know and what would be the best move to get out of the wrath of a spouse! Let them go crazy and take it into a whole new level by adding a humor twist to it. If the idea isn’t clear, then design the coaster in a manner that suggests you are looking for something humorous and exciting. Make it quirky yet stylish.

Glass decorative balls

This would be perfect for a winter themed wedding or a wedding throw in the winter season. Closer to the holidays and bringing in the Christmas spirit, these glass balls are hard to miss in any winter décor. You could set up a fake tree and hang these balls on it. Set up a sign that shows what exactly the guests are expected to do with. Have a sharpie by the side too to help them pen their words and wishes. And whenever you feel like you need ornamentals for your tree don’t hesitate to use these. On the plus side these also will be perfectly capable of taking you down the blissful memory lane!

Scrap book pics

Set up a little stand with a Polaroid camera, a scrap book and tape. Let the guests capture pics of them or anything in random and tape them onto the scrap book with little captions over or underneath them. This would be the perfect book to relive the memories rather than an expensive wedding album!

Consider the above out of the box unique ideas and set up your own guest stand at your wedding for all the invitees to be a part of!