Exciting Outdoor Party Activities

People love having parties, especially outdoor parties where you can stretch your leg a little. Outdoor parties can range from picnics, BBQ, day out etc. There are many activities you can choose from. Each is different and entertaining from the others. Sometimes people may not even need activities as they have so much to talk about and catch up on things. But when there’s a large crowd with children involved it is best to keep everyone entertained. Everybody wants to have a good time and you could use these activities to peak their interest. There are many types of activities ranging from sport, puzzles, brain games etc. These are some interesting outdoor party activities you could have at your parties.

Treasure hunt

A treasure hunt can be an engaging and very interesting activity. You could have a simple treasure hunt but requires the person doing the treasure hunt to find things. You could give everyone a treasure map with everything they need to find. The one who finds this and gets back is the winner. You could have clues and pictures on the treasure map to give everyone a hint.

Frisbee rounders

Frisbee rounders in when people use the Frisbee instead of a bat while playing baseball. The Frisbee thrower should throw it as far as they can and the fielder should collect it before and pass it before he could reach the base. This can be very entertaining game. It is a good game especially for kids.

Pass the parcel

Pass the parcel is an age old game that is still engaging and interesting. You could easily get wicker outdoor furniture online for everyone to sit in a circle while the parcel is being passed among each other. There should be music going on that denotes that the parcel should be passed and when the music stops, whoever is holding the parcel should sing or perform something. They could even pick from truth or dare.

Musical chairs

You could use outdoor patio furniture for this game where music is played and everyone should run around the chairs. The interesting thing here is that the number of chairs is less than people circling it. When the music stops everyone should try to sit and the one who couldn’t find the chair is eliminated. This way you could play on till everyone is eliminated and there’s one winner who receives a prize.

Two truths and one lie

This is an interesting game to get to know everyone. Each person has to tell two truths and one lie and everyone else has to guess what the lie is. This is an interesting game and gets everyone thinking. It’s full of mystery and fun.