Hobbies For Teen Boys

Today’s teenagers and adolescents live in a connected world; a world of portable internet and tiny screens. If you, as a parent or guardian, are concerned about your teenager’s “screen time”, you can introduce a hobby to them. Hobbies are an excellent way of making use of one’s free time in a meaningful way. They also help improve one’s skills and patience. Here are some ideas for hobbies that teenagers (and adults) can enjoy together.

Miniature racing

A hobby that gained popularity in the sixties, miniature racing involves slot cars Australia that run in a special track with grooves for each vehicle. This hobby is immensely popular worldwide and has championship races involving hundreds of participants. If your teenager is interested in cars and racing, this is the ideal hobby to introduce to them. You can buy a small set with two cars, or go crazy and build yourself a replica of an international racing track! There are endless options for vehicles too; production cars, movie cars or even vehicles from your favourite sci-fi series. This will be a building block for a career in automotive engineering or even racing.

Scale flying

Is your teenager interested in soaring high above the clouds? One hobby that will give him that same satisfaction is scale flying. As the name suggests, it’s the real deal scaled down. Today’s technological advancements have made a specialized, skilled hobby accessible to all. If he likes helicopters, buy remote control helicopter, which are widely available. An important rule to remember is that the lesser channels the helicopter uses, the less advanced it will be and the easier it will be to fly. A two channel helicopter is the perfect starting model for an eager beginner. As they advance, they can progress to bigger, more complex models with four, six or even eight channels.  Always remember though, these models are not toys; they can and will cause bodily injury if misused. Model airplanes also operate on the same principles of flight as their real counterparts. This hobby is the ideal stepping stone for a career in aviation.

Board games

Board games are an awesome group activity which your teen son can enjoy with friends or family. Some examples are Monopoly, Scrabble and Chess, which will ensure he stays mentally active while also having him socialize. For teens of today, introducing them to board games may require a bit of effort on your part but once they get involved, they’ll be hooked. These hobbies will have an impact on any teenager and will be made use of to enrich their lives.