Pre – Wedding Preparations You Have To Take Care Of Before The Big Wedding Day

Planning a wedding is an extremely stressful process because there are possibly a hundred things to take care of and go over to make the wedding a success. This stressful process becomes even more hectic if it is done with only a short time to spare. From booking hotels for the reception to deciding on honeymoon plans, all of this is the responsibility of the couple about to get married. Since it is too much for two people to handle alone, you can always ask for help from family members and go on to hire a wedding planner too. Among the things you need to take care of, some small details might skip your mind, like preparing invitations. Here are some of those details that are vital yet tend to go forgotten most of the time.

Invitations – Before thinking of designing invitations, you must of course make sure to check and set a date that is available to you and the hotel you picked. After deciding on a date, there are professionals who design beautiful wedding invitations for non – expensive prices so make sure you do go to them. Before invitation cards are releases to guests, design proper save – the – date cards so you can give them to guests and be completely sure they are going to turn up to your wedding. These cards will be extremely useful especially if you have a small wedding reception, so all invitees are sure to turn up. You and your future spouse must put your heads together along with the designer and plan a beautiful card the way you like, which can be edited to become a perfect invitation.

Pictures – It is almost tradition like to distribute framed pictures of your wedding to guests before they leave the hotel. This is of course optional and you can only do so if you would want to. You can frame small pictures of the wedding reception and the main wedding photo along with baptism invitations and hand them to guests as a memoir. It’s a rather beautiful and simple way of saying thank you for attending your wedding, along with giving them something that will make sure they would not forget it for some time either.

Thanking bridesmaids

Bridesmaids are a huge part of any wedding. And it is your responsibility as the person who got married, to make sure you thank them right. You can put together a small gift bag of thing like pictures, small thank you notes and things like maybe a perfume. It is not something huge, but it is a graceful and generous gesture on your part to show them how much they mean to you.